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Australia is Opening its Borders to International Students With its Pilot Program

According to a report of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, only 70 International students reached Australia in June 2020 that indicates a dramatic drop as compared to last year’s stats, showing 46,000 traveled to Australia on a student visa.

Presently, Australia’s International borders are closed, and this is now disturbing providers who were expecting the number of international students in Australia to surpass leading countries like Canada and the UK. However, the tensions are going to be uplifted by the country’s federally approved pilot program to attract and welcome back the international students in Australia.

Charles Darwin University (first university to offer a pilot program) said the program is approved by the Australian and Northern Territory governments and will bring the first batch of nearly 70 students under easy Australia immigration rules and controlled conditions such as two weeks of compulsory quarantine. It was crucial to implement such a program to bring international students and the country’s education sector back on its feet.

Do you Want to Study Abroad in Australia? This pilot program will help you a lot in expanding your horizon and enter Australia’s emerging economy in the aftermath of the covid-19 pandemic.

These new modifications on student and post-study work visas will also be beneficial for the sector with an online study abroad for eligible students to be accounted for post-study work rights. It means the students will only have to undergo a six-month face-to-face study in Australia to be eligible.

Pilot Program Yet to be Implemented

The first Australia program for safe international student arrival was introduced in August with a plan to welcome back around 300 students to Southern Australian Universities in September. Though the work was in progress, it has not been implemented yet.

Education minister Dan Tehran said, “Obviously we made an announcement that South Australia was excited to start that pilot, but we have clearly described that we will first sort out those internal border issues and complications regarding returning Australians. However, we are working on those issues.”

While the international students contribute approximately AUS$99 million into the country’s economy yearly and support nearly 500 jobs. It is expected that the success of this pilot program will help in the country’s economic recovery. Considered to be a breakthrough for Australia and CDU particularly, the institution nearest to Asia and the logical city will be piloted in the first safe corridor, followed by having the Howard Springs residential facility.

Besides travel restrictions in Australia, various Australian states have capped the number of international arrivals; they will approve into their territories from overseas, resulting in more than 80% of Australia Citizens will be left in the lurch.

As the covid-19 pandemic is shrinking, the governments in all significant educational destinations are striving to balance post-pandemic economic recovery with public concern regarding the risk of the coronavirus. To support Australia’s international education community, these two new pilot programs won’t be enough, but the hope that study abroad in Australia will re-open soon.

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