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Post Study Work Visa in Germany

Be it pharmaceuticals or manufacturing, German companies are famed all over the world for their quality of products and working conditions for employees. Most of the international students who complete their studies in Germany prefer to stay back for work experience. While those from the EU countries do not require any specific permission, Indians must obtain a permit to work after the completion of studies.

Post Study Work Visa in Germany

This residence permit allows you to stay in Germany for an additional 18 months after graduation during which you can find a suitable job. The 18-month period begins as soon as your final exam results are out. So students generally start searching for a job in their final semesters.

Top Business Jobs in Germany

Apart from being the largest economy in Europe, Germany is also the fifth largest economy in the world. This means the country has plenty of jobs even for its immigrant population. While it is possible to find English-speaking jobs in Germany, in most cases top management jobs in Germany require a small amount of German-speaking skills.

Some of the most sought-after jobs in this sector are:

Top management business jobs in Germany


Medical and Health Services Manager


Operations Research Analyst

Financial Manager

Financial Advisor

Market Research Analyst

Business Operations Manager


Management Analyst

Loan Officer


Executive Assistant

HR Specialist

Financial Analyst

Top Technology Jobs in Germany

The global tech market is continuously evolving. It is important for companies to keep themselves updated with the latest skill set and the key is to hire suitable people. Therefore there is no dearth of jobs in this sector.


Some of the top tech jobs in Germany are:

Senior Programmer

Programming is central to any IT company. German companies also hire a lot of programmers to keep their software up to date.

Information Security Engineer

IT security engineers are in demand as it is important to supervise, coordinate and verify the implementation of the Information Security Management System in organisations.

Quality Assurance Engineer

Quality assurance jobs are among the top 3 most in-demand tech jobs in Germany. These analysts help mitigate various risks for their employers.

Systems Engineer

It’s a job that requires you to design efficient computer systems and processes for your clients. As computer systems are always evolving, you will never be out of a job.

Data Architect

A Data Architect is the technical expert within the unit that provides expertise in the development and maintenance of databases in the organization.

Senior Backend Developer

If you have good programming skills and thorough knowledge of web services, you can easily secure a job in back-end development.

Senior Developer (Full Stack Development)

Full stack development requires a careful blending of technical skills, creative thinking and business acumen.

Cloud Architect

With everything moving into the cloud, it’s a modern job suited to modern times. Companies in Germany also hire cloud professionals regularly.

Cybersecurity Analyst

Cyber security is a booming field amid an increase in cyber attacks around the world. As companies across Germany compete to hire the best talent, cyber-security specialists earn good salaries.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Big data companies hire tech professionals for analytics to improve their performance.

Top Healthcare Jobs in Germany

Healthcare jobs in Germany are probably the most attractive professions for both European and International graduates. Germany’s medical and healthcare system are well developed and highly appreciated. In fact, some of the world’s best medicine manufacturing companies are from Germany. Some of the most sought-after jobs in the healthcare sector are:

General Physician

Veterinary Doctor





Medical Radiation Technologist

Respiratory Therapist

Medical Laboratory Technologists

Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists

Medical Assistant Manager

Medical Senior Executive

Top healthcare jobs opportunities in Germany

Top Engineering Jobs in Germany

Germany is the hub of industrial and technological revolutions in Europe. Job prospects in engineering are rewarding with high salaries. These sectors offer some of the highest paying engineering jobs in Germany:

Construction industry - €45,000

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry - €59,200

Electronics/electrical engineering - €53,800

Energy supply - €52,600

Mechanical and plant engineering - €52,800

Vehicle construction - €56,800

IT - €54,400

Engineering and planning offices - €44,600

Top Engineering Jobs in Germany

Top occupations in Germany

Germany is a popular and inexpensive option for students who want to work in Europe. Studies suggest that Germany will experience a massive skill shortage in the coming years due to an increase in its ageing population. This could open the doors of opportunity for international students in sectors like IT, Finance, Law and Medicine.

Some of the most in-demand jobs in Germany, include:

Sales Expert

116,000 EUR/year

Scientific researcher

50,000 EUR/year

ICT expert

47,000 EUR/year

Finance/accounting expert

44,000 EUR/year


40,000 EUR/year

Lawyer/Legal Advisor

69,000 EUR/year

Sales Engineer

68,000 EUR/year

Corporate Finance Manager

75,000 EUR/year

Senior Doctor

116,900 EUR/year

Patent Engineer

72,000 EUR/year

Part-Time Jobs in Germany

Quality education, affordability and good post-study job prospects make Germany one of the most ideal study abroad destinations in Europe. A majority of students in Germany take up some part-time jobs to support their finances and gain unique skills.

The following part time jobs in Germany for students are available as long as they fulfill the conditions.

Research Assistants


Sales Assistant

Courier Boy




Call center executive

Store Assistant

Industrial Production Assistant

Hourly Rates in Germany

When a country defines minimum wages for its working population, it sets special standards of equality. Germany also does that.


As per January 2020, the minimum wage in Germany is €9.35. This minimum wage applies to all employees, foreign and German, except freelancers and self-employed people.


A person working in Germany earns somewhere around €4,000/month on average. Companies in Germany offer great bonuses and pay raises to their workforce.

Hourly wage rates in Germany

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