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Post Study Work Visa in New Zealand

Less populated and highly developed, living in New Zealand is a dream for many Indians. Those who pursue graduation in New Zealand, generally plan to stay back for a few years to enjoy its quality of life. A post study work visa in New Zealand allows international students to work for any employer and take up almost any job there.

Post Study Work Visa in New Zealand

What are the eligibility criteria for the post study work visa?

You must have studied in New Zealand.

Your qualification must be Level 4 or higher on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.

You can apply for another post-study work visa, but only if you complete another qualification in New Zealand that:

You studied for 30 weeks or more.

You studied a bachelor's degree or postgraduate qualification

Your qualification is at a higher level than the qualification you used to get your previous visa.

Immigrants eligibility criteria for the post study work visa

If you plan to live in New Zealand permanently getting a skilled job in an occupation where there’s a shortage could improve your chances of getting a residence visa.

Top Business Jobs in New Zealand

Ranked highly on the ease of doing business, New Zealand has attracted a lot of business houses over the past 30 years. While agriculture and forestry remain crucial to its economy, successive governments have also made it an open economy, open to hiring for management jobs in New Zealand.

Businesses in New Zealand might be smaller as compared to the bigger countries, but they definitely offer challenging opportunities to the workforce. The New Zealand government also releases a skill shortage list of positions that do not have sufficient manpower. If your qualifications match those jobs, you can hit a jackpot opportunity in New Zealand.

Top management business jobs in New Zealand

Finance Manager

Management Accountant

Finance Broker

Finance Administrator

Finance Advisor

Business Analyst

Business Development Manager

Management Consultant

Investment Banker


Farm Assistant

Herd Manager

Precision Agriculture Specialist

Adventure Tourism Operator

Hotel Manager

Top Technology Jobs in New Zealand

The IT sector in New Zealand is quite diverse. It has job opportunities for people having different specialties. Most of the tech companies here are entrepreneurial and are known for their flexible and adaptive nature. Some of the best tech jobs in New Zealand for immigrants are:

ICT Business Analyst

As ICT Business Analysts, you will be responsible for development and implementation of technology systems to optimize business processes and bring in more profits.


Almost all the IT companies are always hiring developers for their new apps or digital platforms. So, if you have relevant experience, finding a job wouldn’t be difficult.

Software Engineer

IT systems cannot work without software engineers. They are required to create and maintain these systems for organisations.

Project Manager

This is more of a strategic role, where you will be required to put your software and management skills to work. Project managers handle the entire team.

Security Specialist

Cyber threats are quite common these days and therefore even startups need security specialists to secure their data and systems.

Software Tester

Software development has several stages and quality assurance is one of them. In this job, you will have to run automated and manual tests while the software is being developed.

Database Administrator

Large companies that need to secure their database from hackers often employ DBAs. They work in close coordination with computer programmers and IT managers.

Multimedia Specialist

With everything on digital platforms, multimedia specialists are in great demand in every organisation, especially when they want to establish themselves.

Systems Analyst

It’s a job that requires you to design efficient computer systems and processes for your clients. As computer systems are always evolving, you will never be out of a job.

Top Healthcare Jobs in New Zealand

New Zealand has both public and private healthcare systems. It’s wide ranging healthcare sector has a lot of job opportunities in various specialties. Moreover, the hospitals of New Zealand offer you a friendly environment to work. You can take up the following healthcare jobs in New Zealand.






Anesthetic Technicians



Oral Health Therapists

Top Healthcare Jobs opportunities in New Zealand

Top Engineering Jobs in New Zealand

It’s a fact that if any skill is in short supply, it’s demand will increase. Engineering skills fall in this category in New Zealand. Every year, companies in New Zealand are open to hiring engineers across sectors. Some of the most sought after engineering jobs in New Zealand are:

Civil Design Engineers

Civil Engineers in land development

Computer Engineers

Land Surveyors and Survey Technicians

Stormwater and Three Waters Engineers

Structural Engineers

Transport Planners and Engineers

Geometric Designers

Site and Project Engineers

Top Engineering Jobs in New Zealand

Most of New Zealand’s infrastructure is still developing and therefore, the demand for civil and mechanical engineers is the largest.

Top occupations in New Zealand

New Zealand’s job market has been growing at a very fast pace over the last few years. A majority of these jobs have been rising in the skilled employment sector. It is expected that these positions will be filled by immigrants as New Zealand has a low population. Here’s a list of sectors that have the most in-demand jobs in New Zealand for your reference as per the New Zealand government’s skill shortages.

Agriculture and forestry





Health and Social Services

ICT and Electronics

Recreation, Hospitality & Tourism




Adventure Tourism


Part-Time Jobs in New Zealand

Getting a part-time job is crucial when you are studying overseas. It not only helps you bear those extra expenses, but you also gain experience in the area of your interest.

Student visas in New Zealand generally allow full-time students to work up to 20 hours a week during the academic year and up to 40 hours a week during the summer break. On the other hand, research, master’s and PhD students can work up to 40 hours a week all year round.

Some of the popular part time jobs in New Zealand for students, include:

Retail sales assistant

Many retail stores offer part-time work to students. The work at these stores include helping customers choose the right products, taking payment, etc.


If you are good at speaking English, the hospitality industry can offer you decent part-time work.


If you are 18+ and possess exceptional social skills, you can also work as bartenders. You need to keep in mind that bartending is usually an evening job and you might have to work till midnight.

Call Center

Again, if you have good communication skills, you can join a call centre for part-time work. This job generally fit the academic schedule of students.

Hourly Rates in New Zealand

The New Zealand government ensures that its workforce is treated and paid well. This is reflected in their wages and work environment. The per hour wages in New Zealand apply to students above the age of 16.

Adult minimum wage: $18.90 an hour before tax.

You are eligible to get the adult minimum wage after you have worked with your employer for 6 months or if you supervise or train other workers.

The New Zealand government ensures that its workforce is treated and paid well. This is reflected in their wages and work environment. The per hour wages in New Zealand apply to students above the age of 16.

Starting-out minimum wage: $15.12 an hour before tax.

You are 16 and 17 and have been with your current employer for less than 6 months.

You are 18 and 19 and have been paid a benefit for 6 months or more.

You haven’t worked for 1 employer for longer than 6 months since being on a benefit and have been with your current employer for less than 6 months.

You are between 16 and 19 and your employment agreement requires you to do at least 40 credits a year of industry training.

Training minimum wage: $15.12 an hour before tax.

You qualify to be called a training worker if you are 20 above and your employment agreement requires you to do industrial training for at least 60 credits per year.

Hourly wage rates in New Zealand

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