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Post Study Work Visa in USA

Most international students wish to work in the USA after the completion of their course. Post study work visa in the USA is one of the major factors that interests international students to stay back and pursue their career here.


With the F1 student visa, international students can complete up to 1 year of temporary employment directly related to their major field of study. They can also apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) after completing their studies.


OPT is a 1-year work and stay-back permit that allows international students to work in the USA on completion of their study program.

Post study work visa in USA for immigrants

The USA has provision for two types of OPT – Pre Completion OPT, that can be used during the studies and Post Completion OPT that starts after the completion of studies. The job that you take up after finishing your course must be directly related to your field of study. You will have to find the job within 90 days after graduation. If you are studying any of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) courses, you can be allowed an additional 24-month extension to stay back in the USA and work.

Top Business Jobs in USA

There is no dearth of jobs in the business and management sectors in the USA. These jobs not only offer good salaries but also have immense growth potential.

Some of the top business and management jobs in the USA with their average salaries are:

top business and management jobs in the USA

Statistician - $87,780

Medical and Health Services Manager - $99,730

Mathematician - $101,900

Operations Research Analyst - $83,390

Financial Manager - $127,990

Financial Advisor - $88,890

Market Research Analyst - $63,120

Business Operations Manager - $100,930

Actuary - $102,880

Management Analyst - $83,610

Loan Officer - $63,040

Logistician - $74,600

Executive Assistant - $59,340

HR Specialist - $60,870

Financial Analyst - $85,660

Top Technology Jobs in the USA

The technology sector has been a lucrative industry for job growth across the world since a long time. While the USA is a technology hub, certain factors like job satisfaction, salary, etc. play a crucial role in determining the best tech jobs in the USA.

Software Developer

From research and designing to implementation and management of software programs, developers may be expected to work for a software publishing company or a company that designs computer systems. Average salary: $105,590

IT Manager

An IT Manager is expected to undertake crucial decisions about the company’s technology and oversee the tech teams. Average salary: $142,530

Database Administrator

Large companies that need to secure their database from hackers often employ DBAs. They work in close coordination with computer programmers and IT managers. Average salary: $90,070

Information Security Analyst

Malware and cyber attacks are increasingly common. This prompts the government and private organisations to hire security analysts who can secure their data and website. You can take up this job in a government office, health care organization, bank, retail corporation or any other private company. Average salary: $98,350

Computer Systems Analyst

It’s a job that requires you to design efficient computer systems and processes for your clients. As computer systems are always evolving, you will never be out of a job. Average salary: $88,740

Computer Network Architect

The digital world that companies work in is designed and maintained by the network architects. This job not only requires technical skills, but also good business acumen. Average salary: $109,020

Computer Programmer

This job is in great demand in the IT industry and pays well. Programmers write codes and are the backbone of any computer program. Average salary: $84,280

Data Scientist

Data science is the hottest profession of the 20th century. Organisations in almost every sector in the USA look for qualified data scientists to manage vast amounts of information. Average salary: $107,801

Applications Engineer

They are responsible for designing, developing and implementing programs and applications. Average salary: $76,854

Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineering is becoming one of the most in demand jobs in the USA. Average salary: $110,600

Top Healthcare Jobs in USA

The USA boasts of a state-of-the-art healthcare system. Although expensive for patients, it offers a lot of opportunities for health professionals.

Some of the best healthcare jobs in the USA and their average salaries are:

Dentist - $151,850

Nurse Practitioner - $107,030

Speech Language Pathologist - $77,510

Registered Nurse - $71,730

Physical Therapist - $87,930

Optometrist - $111,790

Occupational Therapist - $84,270

Podiatrist - $129,550

Dietitian and Nutritionist - $60,370

Pharmacist - $126,120

Rehab Counselor - $35,630

Audiologist - $75,920

Veterinarian - $93,830

Chiropractor - $71,410

Anesthesiologist - $208,0000

best healthcare jobs in the USA after post study in USA

Top Engineering Jobs in USA

Every year, the USA employs a large number of engineers. From planning roads and bridges and creating new technology to designing aircraft or developing  more efficient methods for extracting oil, engineers are needed in almost all sectors. Some of the most sought after engineering jobs in the USA, include:

Industrial Engineers

Marine Engineers

Civil Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Electrical Engineers

Computer Hardware Engineers

Environmental Engineers

Chemical Engineers

Health & Safety Engineers

Aerospace Engineers

engineering jobs in the USA after post study in USA

Top occupations in USA

The USA offers a lot of jobs to its international students. But if you are looking for jobs with more pay, growth and benefits, here’s a quick guide for you.

The most in-demand jobs in the USA are:

Physical Therapist

Average salary: $71,483

Applications Engineer

Average salary: $76,854

Program Manager

Average salary: $87,005

Finance Manager

Average salary: $120,644

Operations Manager

Average salary: $70,189

HR Manager

Average salary: $83,190

Nursing Manager

Average salary: $85,389

Strategy Manager

Average salary: $133,067

Java Developer

Average salary: $83,589

Devops Engineer

Average salary: $107,310

Event Manager

Average salary: $107,310

Data Scientist

Average salary: $107,801

Software Engineer

Average salary: $105,563

Data Engineer

Average salary: $102,472

Product Manager

Average salary: $117,713

Casino Director

Average salary: $142,302 per year

Part-Time Jobs in USA

A part-time job helps a student with his daily expenses and also creates ways for meeting new people and getting comfortable with the new culture. Some popular part time jobs in the USA for students are:

Where you can find work :

As students, you should find a part time job that not only interests you, but also gives you a learning experience. Apart from personal strengths and interests, you should also look for a job on or near your university campus. This will make it convenient for you to manage studies with work. Some popular sectors that offer part-time job in USA for students are:


Call centers:- This is a great opportunity for those who are friendly, and want to improve their communication skills. The job pays you well, but you require above average language skills


Store associates:- The job of a store associate is to help customers and provide them all the required information about the product.


Language interpreters and translators:- Businesses in the US deal with a lot of foreign countries like Spain, India, China, etc. Language interpreters are in great demand in order to deal with international customers.


Research study assistant:- Research assistants are mostly required in science laboratory settings. Their job is to assist their professors in internet-based research in data and journals.


Catering assistants and Food runners:- Catering assistants include working as a server in restaurants, in the cafeteria or as a front-office assistant. 


Library page:- The job of a library page is mostly at the desk, which includes keeping a record of in and out of books, helping students finding a book and handling other library functions.

Hourly Rates in USA

Working in the USA can be highly rewarding for international students. It is also one of the best ways to earn money that they have spent during their education.

The per hour wages in the USA differ based on the age groups of employees:

For those aged under 18, the hourly rate is $10.3.

For those aged between 18 and 20, the hourly rate is $10.3.

For those aged between 21 and 24, the hourly rate is $11.96.

For those aged 25 and over, the hourly rate is between $15.1 to $17.26.

For apprentices aged between 16 and 18 (or those aged over19, who are in their first year), the hourly rate will be $6.14.

per hour wages in the USA

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