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“To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.” – Doug Conant 

We strive to give the best work experience to our staff. Our offices are located in some of the best cities so that those working with us do not have to compromise on the quality of life. We believe in providing state-of-the-art infrastructure to our workforce and have all the latest technology onboard.

Our Employee’s Stories


Kritika, Team Lead

I have been working with Chetanya for over a year. When I started my journey with Chetanya , I observed that Team 3C trusts their management and they are always treated with fairness, respect and honesty. The best thing I found here is that we are always rewarded for our skills and capabilities, and management is always encouraging us to stretch our skills and outshine.

Shiv, Graphic Designer

I am working with 3C as a Graphic Designer and have been working with them over a year. I am glad to be here since my skills have only been upscaling ever since I have joined here. The management is quite supportive and ensures that the employees are being taken care of.

Anil Saini, Business Development Manager - Chetanya Careers

Anil Saini, Business Development Manager

I have been working with 3C for a year and the journey has been marvellous. The opportunity to work independently and with complete support from the management has been one of the key factors in giving my best towards the work. I have observed and learnt sheer professionalism during my tenure here and the vision of the organization towards growth has only added confidence in me and makes me believe that we can achieve anything.

Siddharth, Team Manager - Chetanya Careers

Siddharth, Team Manager

From the day, I have joined 3C, I have only witnessed that at 3C, our clients are the priority. The success story of more than 6300 visas & around 43000 students who have gone through our rigorous IELTS & PTE classes shows that we only make our clients achieve their dreams. The team at 3C is very focused and highly qualified. At 3C, you are bound to grow both personally and professionally, the management ensures that we have a good work-life balance. There are multiple skill development programs which are held at 3C to ensure that the employees are upgrading themselves.

Our Star Employees

Our star employees are highly goal-oriented and are willing to take global education opportunities to a new level altogether. They have benefitted numerous study abroad aspirants securing their dream and future.


Paras Sharma

(Branch Head) PIER Qualified Counselor


Priya Arora

Sr. Visa Officer


Ravinder Kaur

Sr. Admission Officer



Team Lead


Meenakshi Kamboj

(Visa Counsellor) PIER Qualified Counselor


Sunil Kamboj

Center Head



Sr. VISA Officer


Mannat Sood

Sr. VISA Officer



CPC Manager


Shilpi Rani

(Assistant Vice President) PIER Qualified Counselor, ICEF Counsellor, CCEA Education Agent


Jyoti Arora

Sr. VISA Officer


Mohit Gupta

Sr. VISA Officer


Anil Saini



Rakesh Lalka

Product Head (IELTS)

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